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Taking-off Social Media with Twitter

In my first wisdom series, I begin with introducing you to Twitter. As much as we all know about the Twitter phenomenon, most of us are yet to understand the power of this microblogging social medium and the way it is revolutionizing businesses and powering their networks. So, with my social media ‘twilby’ firmly in place I set out to explain my understanding of  ‘the what’, ‘the how’ and ‘the why’ of Twitter, your voice to the world.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is essentially one very large continuous conversation being had by millions of people as we speak. In the last year itself, the usage has risen by 93%. This microblog is designed in such a way that the conversation is narrowed into two principal groups, the followers and the followed. You, as a user, have a choice who to follow and who follows you. It is advisable to have a high ratio of followers v/s followed , say 1:10 ratio is excellent to get your voice echoed beyond your immediate network.

This then narrows down to third and final basic stage with the type of conversations you have and with whom you’re having it with. It’s completely open to however you want to use this new toy. If you want to keep your feed as broad as possible, then you have that choice, but if you want to narrow it down to your specialism, your interest or hobby or corporate sphere then you can do that too. It is, like any social networking site, it’s for you to tame it the way you want.

Why should I sign up for Twitter?

Many communication experts and Marketers  have been asking me why they should sign-up? “What’s the point?” In many cases it’s a valid point. A recent survey reveals that over 60% of online users who sign up, leave Twitter in a month. This may be due to their short attention spans or the inability to comprehend what it can do. One of my colleague at iridium Interactive was sharing that its not different to the SMS that we send and thinking in 140. But, take a deeper dive and you might just find a layer or two of digital pie that suits your corporate palette and the benefits are vast and untapped. So, take the jump and take-off your social media.

You might find this short video helpful with due credits to Common Craft.

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“Taking-off Social Media with Twitter”
  • Thank you Sriram! This is great start to spread the wisdom and demystify Twitter. Its a great click about having a 1:10 ratio of follower v/s followed..and the context of taming it the way we want…I have started the baby steps and on my 140 now..Looking forward to the next series…Cheers

  • This is an amazing way to expand your business world wide ..This is not geographically bound and also can impact majority of the audience and also get collaborative innovative thinking from the experts all around…. It can be used as a brain stroming session for collective ideas or rather the idea junction…

  • Social media (twitter) are not only making a great difference but also i have seen NGO and Corporates making use of social media for fund raising and also to attract new clients by increasing the brand visibility.

  • Almost 30 percent of the world these days is on the social media, what better way to connect than Twitter.Social media when used as a tool one has to be extremely smart and know to use.

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