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Marketers Must-Have Social Media Marketing "Clicks"…You Need Them Now

Social media marketingSocial Media Marketing is a powerful marketing medium…not in the traditional marketing sense. It does not mean that all other marketing strategies have been abandoned, yet the shift is happening without the hype. If you are wearing the hat of a CMO, a marketing-communications executive today, I know exactly what is creating the dilemma..what is keeping you thinking. What is the right marketing mix to invest in? What do I do with all this hype of social media marketing? How are these companies, actually generating solid ROI through just Twittering or simply having a community of listeners and followers? Where do I begin? I understand this because, @iridiuminter, my company is passionate about getting marketers the answers to these dilemmas.

As the world is shrinking thanks to the web and now the social networking sites, social media marketing has arrived as a critical need. I have made some key words that marketers should keep in mind while venturing in to social media marketing that will be a great deal of help for you. No longer will the blow horn, over the top marketing strategies work anymore as consumers just do not want products, they want much more than that, a consistent commitment and a degree of transparency from their companies. Best brands use social media as a medium to freely exchange opinions and thoughts.

Here are some of the important “Social Media Marketing clicks” that give you the main essence.

·        Shed all your social media fears

·        Listen and never stop listening

·        Be a silent observer of the chatter first. Answers to engage will simply come

·        Determine your audience you want to reach out too

·        Speak-out before you think, just let go and communicate transparently

·        Have an earnest and honest appeal to your conversations with your consumers

·        Subtly market your product through consumer experience driven approach. Aggressive selling repels customers.

·        Be consistent while using social media- it not a one time apply tool

·        Create relationship with your stakeholders. Things will sell automatically once you connect.

·        Listen and answer to their queries. It is not a one sided communication tool.

·        Unanswered customer queries can lead to negative reputation. Be proactive.

·        There is no age limit to social media

Keep these clicks with you and explore your digital marketing efforts with a fresh perspective. Change is happening dynamically, you create the shift for you…

I will write more on this in my next blog….The Essential C’s for Social Media. Keep listening…

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“Marketers Must-Have Social Media Marketing "Clicks"…You Need Them Now”

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