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Marketers Must-Have Social Media Marketing "Clicks"…You Need Them Now

Social Media Marketing is a powerful marketing medium…not in the traditional marketing sense. It does not mean that all other marketing strategies have been abandoned, yet the shift is happening without the hype. If you are wearing the hat of a CMO, a marketing-communications executive today, I know exactly what is creating the dilemma..what is keeping you thinking. What is the right marketing mix to invest in? What do I

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Social Media for your Business is Not a Choice..Its a Need

What took the radio 38 years to accomplish, Facebook achieved double of it within 9 months? Well, I am talking about the 1 billion users Facebook recently achieved. Social media has transformed the way consumers respond to you. Traditional marketing was all about creating a need for consumers but now it is catering to the needs of consumers- its the network effect. Shouting and hard selling will not reach people.

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In my last wisdom series, I demystified the power of Twitter and how it is transforming the global conversations for business. This has sparked some good interests in the online communities and I am glad people are absorbing the key practical insights for their businesses. It is now time, I demystify the world’s biggest professional network. I am not here to tell you what is LinkedIn. The global online talkers

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