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The Power of Twitter – Build your Social Currency

After my first 2 wisdom series on ‘what is twitter‘ and ‘why twitter‘, now let us understand the power of Twitter for your business.You may be twittering with your personal profile for specific interests, but now its time to get curious and venture into creating the social currency for your company itself.Strange as it may sound, Twitter is a one of the most powerful yet underplayed social medium leveraging online businesses like never before. Companies are leveraging the power of 140 characters to create a strong community around them. The main essence of twitter is to build communities and then nurture them by allowing them to respond to your conversations. This is the fastest way any company can be in constant touch with their consumers and stakeholders. Time to join and influence the conversation now.

Twitter power
Twitter is all about building the community you want to build
While building the community you want, it is essential to know the people who are following you and who you are following. For example, If you are a CEO of a global company, this may mean that following and being followed by people who represent similar companies, business areas and industry interests.

Twitter can be used as a medium by say, a Senior Director or a Business Executive (basically someone with influence in the company) to speak directly to his staff internally whenever he has an important message to convey. In other words, it’s an immediate, rapid response and a very transparent form of communication to nurture relationships and connect with your employees.

So if you are an individual in a company or a freelancer, or self employed, you can reap huge tangible and intangible benefits by building a community that influences you and that you can influence that is built on trust and reliability. Creating a larger network of like minded people that could broaden your knowledge or even improve your existing business that consists of sector specific contacts or current and potential consumers or simply people you can trust and rely on to give you the right advice and information you need- twitter is the place where you can realize all of this.

Its never too late to get in touch with your stakeholders both direct and indirect. So come out of your corporate suits and start conversations with your community because at the end of the day, they are the ones who matter to you the most. Lets start the 140 now !

Watch out for my next wisdom series where I will share with you the essential points every company should consider before using Twitter. Keep Listening and practicing the 140.
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Power of twitter



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