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Essential Cs of Social Media Marketing

Social Media ChatterAfter giving you some clicks on social media marketing, lets take those thoughts further to the vital C’s of social media marketing. Just like the 4Ps in Marketing, Social Media Marketing has their set of Cs that form the ground rules for every social media marketing strategy.

1. Commit

While incorporating social media in your marketing strategies you have to commit time and resources. It is not a one time engagement. There is a continuous chatter around your company and brand, so proactively keeping a real time tab on this chatter is what is needed in social media.

2. Communicate

There has to be a purpose for your communications with the customer. Marketing is one thing and establishing relationship with your stakeholders what can differentiate your uniqueness. To be frank the only reason companies are jumping into the social bandwagon is because their customers want to be heard. Talk, listen and establish relationships is what social is all about.

3. Connect

While conversing it is important to build a rapport with all your listeners. Let them connect with your brand and company.

4. Collaborate

There is a lot of chatter around your brand both positive, negative and neutral. If you proactively respond and connect well with your customers it will not be too late when your stakeholders will become your brand ambassadors. Let your stakeholders collaborate with you to market your brand to form a bigger consumer base.

5. Create Content

Think like publisher and not like a marketer on Social Media. Write compelling, interesting, and engaging articles, blogs, tweets etc. on various social networking sites. Also write content relevant to your company strategy. First determine your audience then write what they want to hear, what is relevant to them.

6. Calculate

Tracking and measuring the impact of social media on your audience is also one important aspect companies should look into. But do not obsess with numbers right from the beginning. Numbers will come if you are patient and consistent, which brings me to the next C.

7. Consistently Consistent

Consistency in conversing with your stakeholders is a very important activity of social media, because when customers start talking to you they expect instant replies too. Inconsistent conversations will only take the interest away and hence your customers.
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