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Comments, anyone?

We’ve been here for a while, posting ideas on the blog and our thoughts about various happenings in the industry and trends that are set to shape how we use the internet. One thing that we notice everytime we post on the iridium blog is the lack of comments. And hey, this is no impassioned plea for you to click on the comments tab and start typing but more of

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On-Boarding Twitter into your Business – 7 Steps before take-off

After unleashing “the power of twitter” to you, I am sure you have warmed up to the idea that Twitter is here to stay in the business context and has tremendous potential to connect with internal and external audiences. Before you decide to introduce Twitter in a business context, consider these points to ensure a successful experience. 1. Plan your corporate twitter strategy before taking the plunge. Be clear on

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From Gossipers to Bloggers

Every one shares their thoughts, ideas and experiences in their lives with others  for fun or to educate ……… most of these activities were happening in my company, near a tea stall, during lunch hours, late evenings or in and around the company premises.  One of the newbie to our organization joined us from Google, in her first few weeks here she was going around the office trying to understanding

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