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Bollywood and Online Marketing

Circa 1972 Bollywood has given us many scientific discoveries and hypotheses. Good old fiery villain, Ajit, arguably had some amazing patent pending TORTURE TECHNIQUES up his villainous sleeve: “JAAAANI – Voltage Badaaao-Currrrent Badaaao..Uska Resistance Kum Ho Jaayega”…. Even better technique: “Usko Liquid Oxygen mein bundh kardo…..Liquid usko Jeeene Naheen Dega; Oxygen Usko marne Naheen Dega”

Social Media Networks – Who Let The Dogs Out…who who?

A lot is being spoken and written about how brand presence on Social Media do not really help businesses. There have been many nay – sayers who have signed off on its pitfalls . Hence, just to stand out from the crowd, this article refutes this supposition. There are ways and means of generating leads thru social media.

Social Networking in Plain English

Social Networking is rightly called Social Learning. The deepest learning comes from human connections and Social Networking tools make it easier than ever to connect to the people you want to learn something from, or with whom you are willing to learn with, together, collaboratively. Remember reading business books about the power of the “rolodex”??? Important successful people ALWAYS had a massive rolodex. So, how do you acquire one today?

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