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Are you Daisy Chaining????

Website linking, now-a-days, is gaining prominence as it is considered to be one of the most effective tools for better search engine placement. The most common method that website owners normally use to try and obtain better search engine placement is to provide back links from other sites. However quite often other website owners insist on having a reciprocal link which can make a website look very incoherent. To overcome

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Social Media Networks – Who Let The Dogs Out…who who?

A lot is being spoken and written about how brand presence on Social Media do not really help businesses. There have been many nay – sayers who have signed off on its pitfalls . Hence, just to stand out from the crowd, this article refutes this supposition. There are ways and means of generating leads thru social media.

Social Networking in Plain English

Social Networking is rightly called Social Learning. The deepest learning comes from human connections and Social Networking tools make it easier than ever to connect to the people you want to learn something from, or with whom you are willing to learn with, together, collaboratively. Remember reading business books about the power of the “rolodex”??? Important successful people ALWAYS had a massive rolodex. So, how do you acquire one today?

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EMERGEing Blog

As an ongoing initiative of making NASSCOM website Web 2.0, iridium Interactive has launched a Blog for the emerging companies few months back, it is already making waves at various blogs and other media, here is what economic times has to say …… Emerging businesses are getting their voices heard in cyberspace. If Nasscom’s Emerge blog fulfills the need for knowledge of emerging companies in IT, Milagrow looks at a

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iridium Interactive Signsup for the Development of a Unique Community Portal Targeted at US Students

This year $254 million odd, has been committed by clients around the world for social networking and blogging. This should give ii a perfect springboard to penetrate this space on a global platform. This is going to be an active community portal targeting students around the world. ii is involved in building this community portal from concept to strategy to execution. Look out for more excerpts in the next issue

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